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On February 26th, 2019, the launching meeting of the establishment project of unmanned aerial vehicle system for fire control and the comprehensive drill of unmanned aerial vehicle fire control application were held in Fengxian training base of Shanghai Fire Corps. More than 20 UAV enterprises from all over the country have won awards for excellence in technical standards for many times, and more than 380 managers, industry professionals, industry associations and media from many fire research institutes across the country participated in this exercise. This activity aims to achieve the purpose of rapid emergency rescue by simulating the actual disaster situation in life and rapid deployment of UAVs

it is understood that in this fire drill, Jun from Guangzhou huakeer Co., Ltd. appeared again. In the future, high-rise buildings in cities will emerge in endlessly, and the higher and higher floors will bring great challenges to fire rescue. The fire-fighting equipment on the floor is too high to control the fire quickly, so the fire can only be allowed to rage, causing a major fire accident. To solve this problem, warcor has developed a quasi dual fire-fighting UAV, which has large load capacity, strong wind resistance and high dispersion accuracy. It can launch fire bombs remotely in the complex meteorological environment of the fire scene, and can also spray fire-fighting dry powder at close range. Quasi dual fire-fighting UAV is a special fire-fighting UAV for high-rise buildings. It adopts a folding fuselage design, super load and anti vibration design, which can quickly reach the high-rise fire scene, use a high-power camera to observe the fire, and launch a fire bomb. The flight time can reach 45 minutes. Three proofing performance IP65. Equipped with laser ranging and obstacle avoidance system, it can accurately measure the launch distance, ensure the launch accuracy and prevent the UAV from hitting the building

complete equipment: laser radar, laser ranging, laser obstacle avoidance, powder spray tube can be extended by 4.8 meters, night vision aiming system fire extinguisher, fire bomb, night vision aiming system, intelligent long endurance battery, spraying device, handheld ground station. It can observe the fire situation on the ground, and carry out accurate attack and fire suppression on the fire source, with strong mobility

when the fire ignites rapidly, Jun is ready to take off, quickly fly to the height of the fire source, accurately locate the fire source, and then spray a large amount of dry powder on it, and the fire is effectively controlled

in this UAV fire fighting system drill, the special design of the knife edge of the clamping arm that can be automatically adjusted according to the software settings of Guangzhou Huake Co., Ltd. has brought us wonderful drill results, showing that this UAV can easily, quickly and accurately fight against the difficulties of high-altitude fire fighting. Here is a brief introduction to the precautions for the protection and maintenance of instruments and meters: fire, It overcomes the great difficulty of firefighters risking their lives to carry out high-altitude fire fighting and rescue under the traditional mode

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