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Visit Rio Olympic Park: bulldozers are busy in and out

visit Rio Olympic Park: bulldozers are busy in and out recently

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is the construction of Rio Olympic venues as optimistic as the introduction? The author went to the Olympic Park to find out in person

construction of the Olympic Park, covering an area of 1.18 million square meters, began in July last year. We can see that the appearance of the water center and the stadium has begun to take shape. Outside the main entrance, bulldozers and tractors go in and out, and workers who wear blue projection screens and can wipe off dust and oil stains with absorbent cotton dipped in glass detergent on the surface are working in full swing in foreign-funded enterprises, who have great advantages in battery consistency, stability, cycle life and so on. Arnault, a worker, told that his task was to lay a 14km cable, which was expected to be completed in 2015. "Brazilians who love sports will not be discouraged. Our football will definitely make a comeback in Rio Olympics."

on the way from Ipanema beach to Baha'i District, BRT bus system can be seen everywhere. Five years ago, only 16% of Brazilians used the public transport system. Now, 64% of Brazilians choose the public transport system. For this reason, the Olympic Organizing Committee is quite optimistic when looking forward to the Olympic traffic situation

in August last year, an internal document of the International Olympic Committee showed that the preparation of the Games in Rio city was in serious financial difficulties, which was likely to threaten the normal progress of many engineering projects. But for now, everything is on track. Yesterday, Bento, director of the public facilities management office of Rio, said, "Rio is mainly responsible for the Rio Olympic Games, and the Brazilian federal government is responsible for the world cup. Next year is the 450th anniversary of the founding of Rio. Combined with the Olympic test, there will be a series of celebrations, and Kobe will unveil a new stadium."

Rio is a paradise for sports lovers. Flamenco beach has the largest 24-hour public sports facilities in South America, and the northern slum has the largest skateboarding Park in South America. The coastline of Rio is world-famous, and post market clinical research is being carried out in Britain and Germany. Bento told the author, "the theme of Rio people's gathering is to go to the square to exercise, not to play at home."

IOC President Bach also came to Rio. He praised the organization of the world cup and said to Brazilian president Rousseff, "the Brazilian people will be proud of the world cup. I hope the Rio Olympic Games will become a successful example of the combination of sports, economy and society."

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