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The visibility meter realizes that the "made in Chengdu" highway may no longer be closed due to fog

vehicles will slow down in heavy rain, highways will be closed in fog, aircraft will be grounded due to fog, etc., all because of the low atmospheric visibility. However, there is no precision instrument in China to accurately measure the visibility, and some meteorological observation stations still use the traditional manual observation method. Yesterday, it was learned from the Municipal Bureau of science and technology that this gap will be filled by the "made in Chengdu" transmission visibility meter. The R & D and industry of Chengdu transmission visibility meter, supported by the funds approved by the Ministry of science and technology and the National Meteorological Administration, some electronic tension machines have been loaded into its scope, and the transmission visibility meter with completely independent intellectual property rights has been developed, which will enter mass production at the end of next year

"in addition to traditional manual measurement, visibility can also be measured by instruments." Liu Qing, the chief engineer of the R & D and industrialization project of the transmission visibility meter, introduced that the measuring instruments are divided into scattering type and transmission type according to their principles. These two kinds of measuring instruments have been commercialized abroad, while only the scattering visibility meter has been commercialized in China, and its core components still depend on imports

Liu Qing told that the transmission visibility meter directly obtains the visibility value by measuring the attenuation of light by air, which can be used to compare different plastics. "This kind of measurement has high accuracy and can adapt to various meteorological conditions. It is recognized as the product that best meets the definition of visibility by the international meteorological organization." However, Liu said, this kind of instrument system is very complex, and its installation accuracy and cost are very high. At present, there is no product production in China. It is all imported, and the price is generally as high as about 600000 yuan per set. Therefore, in addition to the airport, other meteorological observation stations and highways were not installed because of their high prices

it is reported that Chengdu transmission visibility meter will be used in many fields, such as meteorology, transportation, environmental protection, military and so on. According to reports, if the meteorological department can achieve the following: visibility automatic observation, its work quality and efficiency will be greatly improved. The visibility meter can realize the intelligent management of the highway in the case of heavy fog or serious haze pollution. Through the combination with the speed limit display and speed measuring radar, when the sensor is used under the effect of tension P, the highway can no longer be closed due to fog

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