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Visual Jinan is in urgent need of the printing industry to stride forward

at a time when more and more attention is paid to urban marketing, how to make Jinan's city business card is undoubtedly an important way to enhance Jinan's overall competitive strength and enhance Jinan's domestic and international status, and the creation of this business card needs to resort to the printing industry that can more directly convey visual effects

statistics show that in 2010, Jinan printing enterprises invested more than 650million yuan in new equipment, purchased more than 30 sets of advanced imported equipment such as Heidelberg, Roland, Komori, and domestic four-color printing machines and auxiliary equipment, and our city has 120 sets of first-class printing equipment. The investment in capital, equipment and technology has greatly promoted the development of the printing industry in Jinan, but at the same time, we learned in the interview that there are still some deficiencies in the development process of the printing industry in Jinan

the scale is small and the concentration is not high

compared with domestic advanced cities in the printing and packaging industry, the overall scale of the printing industry in Jinan is relatively small, the construction of the printing and packaging industry park lags behind, the degree of industrialization is not enough, the spatial layout has not formed a distinctive printing agglomeration area, the market operation chain is not complete, the role in promoting economic development is limited, and the overall operation is still in an extensive state. Shen Chengjun, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, film and television, and publishing, said that there are many business units in the printing industry market, but most of them are limited in scale, resulting in scattered resources, which is reflected in the industry competition as backward business methods and single profitability. There are few leading enterprises with large scale, high level and complete industrial chain

overcapacity and irregular competition

the printing industry is an industry with overcapacity, which also exists in Jinan industry. Zhu Lihe, chairman of Tianyi printing, introduced that in recent years, he has interpreted the future trend of China's plastic market from a professional perspective, and the popularity of Internet and e-books has exacerbated this phenomenon. Fierce competition has also led to the printing industry to a certain extent, there is a non-standard situation, and the phenomenon of mutual price reduction occurs from time to time. Due to the lack of funds, it is difficult for enterprises to carry out technological transformation, and enterprises can only operate at a low level and under non-standard conditions. The homogeneous competition among enterprises is serious, the high-end market is unable to enter, and the phenomenon of excessive competition and disordered competition in the low-end market is serious. The poor overall competitiveness and disorderly price war have seriously affected the orderly development of the industry

The person in charge of a large printing company in Jinan told that most enterprises' technology and equipment were in a backward state. Although some new enterprises had advanced equipment, they had difficulties in capital operation. The original document No. 65 was no longer fulfilled and the loan burden was serious. Especially in recent years, urban demolition forced enterprises to migrate passively, which became a major bottleneck that plagued the development of enterprises

lack of brand enterprise brand products

at present, Jinan printing industry has not formed an influential main brand. It can be said that the current printing industry in Jinan lacks real large-scale enterprises and brand products, which can not fundamentally enhance competitiveness and form its own brand effect. In recent years, through the new purchase of internationally advanced printing machines and auxiliary equipment, the level of printing technology and product quality have been significantly improved. However, compared with Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other regions with developed printing industry, the comprehensive competitiveness gap of Jinan's printing industry is very large. At present, Shenzhen printing industry, which is in the leading position in the country, has more than 2000 printing plants with nearly 200000 employees and an annual output value of nearly 30billion yuan. It has formed an advantageous industry dominated by high-end books and periodicals, high-end products and high value-added products, which is characterized by the high-tech printing materials of the national standard gb/t229 ⑵ 007 metallic Charpy Notch Impact Test Method Based on the standards of digital prepress, offset printing, mechanized automatic post press processing and testing. Whether measured in terms of quantity or quality, the gap is obvious

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