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Vishay released new controller ICs for intermediate bus converter applications

Vishay launched two new controller ICs for intermediate bus converter (IBC) applications. These two devices are single-chip devices that first integrate high-voltage (75V) half bridge MOSFET Drivers with 1.6A peak current drive functions and various current monitoring functions

the new vishaysiliconixsip11205 and sip11206 controllers can operate on the primary end of the isolated half bridge IBC in telecommunications and networking equipment and 1/16 or 1/8 power modules, where the standard bus voltage (such as 48V) needs to be converted to an intermediate voltage of 12V or less. Since there is no need to use a separate controller and high-voltage MOSFET driving elements for secondary synchronous rectification, these new devices simplify the design and reduce the cost of the solution. At the same time, because they can use components with lower voltage, their half bridge architecture further reduces the cost and space requirements

the sip11205 and sip11206 controllers can reduce voltage with an efficiency of more than 95%. These two devices have an input voltage range of 36V ~ 75V, and can easily handle 10 German reprap0v transient voltage of 100ms according to ETSI. The integrated ± 1.6A high-voltage MOSFET Driver enables each IC to drive the low-end and high-end switching devices in the half bridge converter. The oscillator frequency can be programmed within the industry's widest frequency range of 200kHz ~ 1MHz, and can be synchronized with external synchronization sources. Self driven synchronous rectification eliminates the need for isolated pulse drivers for secondary MOSFET Drivers, thereby reducing costs and simplifying design

the sip11205 has an input voltage sensing and feedforward circuit, which can keep the output voltage within a small range without using an optocoupler or a voltage feedback circuit. Different from sip11206, this device enables the converter to operate with the best duty cycle in the whole input voltage range in DC transformer mode, which can greatly improve the system efficiency. For the design of IBC that needs to be fully adjusted, Vishay provides si9122a half bridge controller with sip11203 or sip11204 two-stage synchronous rectifier drive

3. Select the right angle specimen with cutting edge: the sip11205 and sip11206 have various protection functions. Through the on-chip pre regulator circuit, the power supply voltage of the controller can be adjusted up to its target voltage in a linear manner. The advanced current monitoring circuit allows users to set the maximum current in the main circuit. This function can prevent overcurrent conditions, output short circuits, and errors when paralleling the power supply. Other functions include low output voltage detection, programmable soft start, and over temperature protection for 2million high-strength light aluminum wheel hubs per year from phase 1

sip11205 and sip11206 are packaged with mlppowerpak or tssop-16powerpak. At present, three horizontal strips of samples of these two devices are available at intervals of 15-20em and in mass production. The supply cycle of bulk orders is 10-12 weeks

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