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Vishay upgraded the performance of high reliability resistors

January 23, 2009 - Vishay intertechnology, Inc. (nyse: VSH) recently announced that it would reduce the tolerance of rnc90z series bulk metal Z foil reliability resistors that passed military grade inspection to 0.005%, greatly improving performance on the basis of meeting high reliability

as a R-class reliability resistor, Vishay's rnc90z meets mil PRF 551 lubricated bearings that meet the specified long-term stability requirements for military and aviation applications; Replace rusted bearings 82/9 military standard. The resistance's ability to maintain the initial value under temperature change, applied load, frequency offset and short-term overload is at the industry-leading level. Designers can expect that the resistance change of rnc90z components in use is only a few parts per million, rather than a few percent of the thick film resistance

rnc90z series bulk metal Z foil reliability resistance that has passed the military grade inspection

the resistance value range of this improved resistance is 30.1 to 121 K, the TCR value in the temperature range of 55 ° C to +175 ° C is as low as ± 0.2 ppm/° C, and the load life stability of 2000 hours working at +125 ° C is ± 0.005%. Vishay's foil resistance is not limited to standard values. Vishay can provide resistance values "on demand" (such as 100.123 K Ω instead of 100 K Ω), and there is no need to increase costs or extend delivery time. The rated power of this resistor is 0.6 W at +70 ° C and 0.3 W at +125 ° C. The maximum working voltage is 300V, the size is 0.105 inch x 0.300 inch (2.67 mm x7.62 mm), the height is 0.326 inch (8.28 mm), and the general weight is 0.6 grams

other resistance technologies usually take several seconds or even minutes to achieve steady-state thermal stability. Rnc90z components have almost instantaneous thermal stability. The head of high-speed rail company said that the fixed time (1 second) and almost unmeasurable 1.0 ns rise time, and there is no instantaneous disturbance. As a resistance that can measure a small graduation and is suitable for analog applications, the device can be applied to unconventional environmental conditions above and below the ground, and the drift is very small. Its structure can ensure high reliability and effectively resist thermal shock, humidity, mechanical shock and vibration

for thick film resistors and thin film resistors, there is always the problem that the load life changes with time. However, some products of Vishay have been produced for 45 years, but their characteristics have never changed since their first operation. If necessary, the initial operation can be eliminated by post production adjustment. The final value of resistance after returning to room temperature is the same as the initial value. The short-time overload of 6.25 times the rated power also has no effect on the resistance of rnc90z (once the resistance returns to normal from the overload temperature, the resistance value is the same as the initial value)

the resistance has extremely high anti-static discharge capacity, can withstand electrostatic discharge up to 25 kV, achieve higher reliability, and provide no inductance (0.08 μ H) No capacitance design. Rnc90z resistor can provide tin lead alloy terminals with 0.15 inch wire spacing (there are also 0.2 inch versions, rnc90s)

at present, rnc90z resistors can provide samples and have achieved mass production. The supply cycle of bulk orders is from 8 weeks

vishay introduction

vishay intertechnology, Inc. is a "Fortune 1000 enterprise" listed on the New York Stock Exchange (VSH), It is one of the largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors (diodes, rectifiers, transistors, optoelectronic devices and some selected ICs) and passive raw materials in the world, and has become the target electronic components (resistors, capacitors, inductors, sensors and converters) sought by many plastic raw material suppliers. These components can be used in industry, computing, automobile, consumption, telecommunications, military Various types of electronic equipment in aerospace and medical markets. With product innovation, successful acquisition strategy and the ability to provide "one-stop" services, Vishay has become a global industry leader. For more information about Vishay, please visit the website

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