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Visit the underground rare book library of Liaoning Provincial Library the exposure of the Qing Dynasty scientific examination "cheat sheet"

when visiting the underground rare book library of Liaoning Provincial Library, I was attracted by two ancient books the size of a matchbox. It turned out that this was a cheat sheet of the ancient imperial examination. According to the staff, the book is 6.6 cm high, 4.2 cm wide and only 0.8 cm thick, which is more than enough to put in the palm of an adult. The front of the book cover is printed with the secret script of the end, and the back is printed with the words should be carried in your arms

this book is a miniature of four ancient Confucian classics. Qi Jun believes that it is also the smallest ancient book in the library of Liaoning Province. Although the book is small, it is exquisitely made. Each page contains more than 1000 words, including "University", "the golden mean" and "the Analects of Confucius". Therefore, it is expected that the domestic mining market will be in the consolidation stage in a short time. All the contents and detailed notes of "Mencius" are the main contents of the imperial examination in the Qing Dynasty

after careful observation of these two pocket books, their appearance is slightly worn, but the handwriting on the inner page is clear and recognizable. Casually open a page, all in classical Chinese. The staff said that every sentence in the four classics of the University, the doctrine of the mean, the Analects of Confucius and Mencius was explained in detail in the book, and the font was also very different. The font quoted from the classics was relatively large, while the font explained was slightly smaller. It was estimated that a grain of rice could cover sevenoreight words, which showed its tiny degree

entrainment and substitution are the two most commonly used means of cheating in ancient times

according to Liu Bing, director of the special collection department of the Liaoning Provincial Library, cheating has existed since ancient times. In fact, since the birth of the imperial examination, it has entered a millennial competition between cheating and anti cheating, and a battle of wits and courage. In order to obtain fame, the ancients have thought of cheating methods that can be thought of, and the oldest and most conventional method is entrainment

as an ancient college entrance examination, the imperial examination can not only increase the rank and rank, but also mean a lifetime of prosperity. So the first temptation, candidates naturally flocked to, many cheaters. As long as the candidates can bring the corresponding entrainment into the examination, the probability of winning the exam will be greatly increased in a paper published in the Journal of the American Chemical Association, "using materials and interfaces", so a variety of portable notebooks came into being

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