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Visit the largest paper industry base in Western China

on the morning of July 26, nearly 40 domestic mainstream network media including China, Jingchu, Dongfang and South China, which have the perfect charm of China, visited Deyang economic and Technological Development Zone, and visited Vida paper (Sichuan), the largest household paper production base in Western China, in which tensile strength and elongation are the necessary project departments

Founded in August, 1992, Deyang economic and Technological Development Zone is located in the southeast of Deyang City. According to the model of one district and multiple parks, it has planned to build equipment manufacturing (industrial) small and medium-sized enterprise park, clothing and light industry park, new material science and Technology Park and Bajiao Industrial Park. The development zone is positioned as a demonstration zone of industrialization with a new main structure in Sichuan Province, an innovative development zone combining independent innovation with introduction, digestion and absorption, an investment base in the west to undertake industrial adjustment and technology transfer in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, and an industrial supporting undertaking place for China's major technological equipment manufacturing bases. Strive to build a new park with developed science and technology, strong innovation ability, perfect urban functions, excellent ecological environment, and stable and harmonious life of the people

visit the largest paper industry base in the West

after more than 10 years of construction, the development zone has begun to take shape, with a built-up area of 10 square kilometers. Especially since the beginning of the new century, the Management Committee of the development zone has made clear the guiding ideology of honest investment attraction, service for business retention, industrial development zone and tertiary industry assistance zone, paid close attention to the work of investment attraction, unswervingly developed the economy, and achieved fruitful results. There are more than 200 industrial enterprises in the zone. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the economic indicators of the development zone increased by an average of more than 35% every year, and its contribution to the country, province and city increased year by year, making the Development Zone rapidly become a demonstration zone of new industrialization in Sichuan Province, an industrialization base of high-tech achievements, and one of the development zones with the most investment value in Western China. The development zone was rated as one of the only five excellent industrial parks in the province, and was solemnly commended by the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and the provincial people's government

visit the largest paper industry base in Western China

during the visit, we visited Weida paper (Sichuan) Company in the Development Zone, which is the largest household paper production base in Western China. It is reported that Vida International Holdings Co., Ltd., the holder of China's famous trademark Vida, is a large multinational group specializing in the production of household paper. It is also the first enterprise in China to use imported (Canadian) wood pulp to manufacture household paper. It enjoys a high reputation in the industry, and its series of products occupy 70% of the market share in Hong Kong alone. In 2004, with the efforts of the Management Committee of Deyang economic and Technological Development Zone and relevant municipal departments, Vader successfully signed a contract with the Development Zone in August that year, spending 300 million yuan to build a production base in Southwest China with an annual output of 30000 tons of household paper in Deyang, thus completing its national strategic layout. As the largest wholly foreign-owned project introduced since the establishment of Deyang City, Weida paper (Sichuan) company has a total construction area of 19000 square meters. Deyang Weida is equipped with first-class papermaking equipment imported from Japan, Italy and other countries, and directly imports the superior choice aluminum alloy cable time quality pulp from Canada, Brazil, Russia and Indonesia for production. It is also equipped with a number of advanced sewage treatment devices such as the filtration system imported from Israel, which has successfully achieved the recycling and pollution-free discharge of production water. In addition, Vida group plans to increase the production capacity of Deyang base to 60000 tons through subsequent investment and construction within three years

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