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Visit Qingdao radiation protection equipment tester, you can know the radiation amount by pressing

the personal dose tester shows that the nuclear radiation amount is within the safe level

protective clothing is made up of many "protective pieces"

a radiation tester the size of a pager can know how much radiation energy is around you as soon as you press the button; It looks like an ordinary hat, but in fact, there are "hidden" anti radiation materials made of rubber and lead oxide... On the 15th, I interviewed a professional enterprise specializing in the production of anti radiation equipment in Daocheng, where I learned some little-known basic knowledge of anti radiation

the boss entered the nuclear island for maintenance three times.

on the morning of the 15th, he inquired from many parties and finally found an enterprise called Qingdao Changjiang radiation protection equipment Co., Ltd. in a plant concentration area on Nanling Third Road, Licang District

"this factory has been open for more than ten years. Due to the cold door of nuclear radiation, few people pay attention to it." Zhang Shiqi, the general manager, said frankly that he was originally a medical student. More than a decade ago, he was involved in the field of nuclear radiation protection. He had entered the nuclear island inspection and repair equipment of the nuclear power plant three times. At that time, he was wearing protective clothing produced by the plant

"the nuclear industry is a high-end technology, and nuclear radiation prevention is also a sophisticated technology. There are not many factories like ours in China." According to the introduction, the current products of the factory are based on sales, including large accelerator electric doors, hydraulic doors, X-ray rooms, CT rooms, nuclear magnetic resonance, purification room screen doors, and various nuclear medicine protective equipment

"pager" can smell the amount of radiation

since it is the manufacture of nuclear radiation protection equipment, it is necessary to speed up the breakthrough of technology and market, so can we detect the amount of radiation Qingdao currently receives? Ask questions on the spot

at this time, Zhang Shiqi took out a small instrument similar to a pager and pressed the switch button on the tester. A row of numbers were soon displayed on the instrument display, but the actual numbers were all zero. "It's zero, which means that at present, the amount of nuclear radiation in our environment is very low, and there is no harm to human body." Zhang Shiqi said

according to him, the name of this small instrument is“ χγ Personal dosimeter ", which can be carried with you and measure the radiation received in the environment at any time and anywhere," all kinds of radiation in the air can't be seen or felt by the naked eye, but this small instrument is particularly sensitive. It shows the dose of radiation, which is measured in microsieverts. " At present, the price of this instrument is about 1800 yuan. This kind of tester is mainly used for civil use, and nuclear power plant staff are often used to test the surrounding working environment

protective gloves weigh more than 3 kg

then, the company staff brought a set of nuclear radiation protective clothing. The fabric looked like a rainproof cloth, and the top was a protective cap. According to the guidance of the staff, I first picked up the protective hat. Unexpectedly, this small hat was very heavy, dozens of times heavier than the ordinary hat

"the reason why protective clothing can shield nuclear radiation is that it contains lead." Zhang Shiqi said that lead can block nuclear radiation, integrate lead oxide evenly into rubber, and make lead rubber, which is the main production material of protective clothing. "Lead rubber is in the middle of the cloth layer, and the density of lead rubber is particularly high, which is also the reason why the nuclear radiation protective clothing is so heavy."

in addition to protective clothing, nuclear radiation protective gloves are also made of lead rubber. A pair of protective gloves weighs more than 3 kg. Protective glasses are also made of lead glass, about a kilogram. The whole set of protective equipment weighs 18 Jin

it is noted that the protective clothing is made up of many "protective pieces". After a complete set of protective clothing is unfolded, it is divided into five parts: hat, neck cover, triangle piece, square piece and coat piece

Zhang Shiqi explained that the degree of absorption of nuclear radiation by various organs and limbs of the human body is different. "Gonads, thyroid and other gland parts should be protected." Zhang Shiqi said that the neck cover is around the neck to protect the thyroid gland, and the triangle and tetragonal tablets are used to protect the gonads

according to the interview, the price of such a suit of protective clothing ranges from 2000 yuan to 8000 yuan, and the ability of protective clothing to block nuclear radiation is not permanent. Generally, the plastic with a valid period of only aluminum hydroxide flame-retardant has less smoke in the flame. After being placed for 2 months, it is a prominent advantage of 2-5 years

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