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Soft packaging processing technology of silver carp

soft packaging processing technology of silver carp silver carp is the main species of freshwater fish in China, with high yield but low economic value. In order to improve the added value of silver carp products and obtain better economic benefits, based on the traditional processing methods, this paper studies the vacuum soft packaging processing of silver carp to produce high-quality food with delicious taste, long shelf life and convenient consumption, which opens up a new way for the development and utilization of silver carp resources and improving its commodity value. One product formula silver carp gram, refined salt gram, cooking wine gram, sesame oil gram, monosodium glutamate gram, onion knot gram, ginger shred gram, white vinegar gram, lard gram, white pepper gram. II. Process flow: raw materials → material selection → slaughtering → pickling → frying → bagging → vacuum sealing → sterilization → cooling → inspection → finished products. III. key points of operation. Select fresh high-quality silver carp weighing about grams each as raw material. The raw materials must be fresh, because silver carp contains more histidine and trimethylamine oxide. When the fish dies for a long time, histidine is easy to decompose into toxic histamine under the action of decarboxylase and bacteria. Trimethylamine oxide curbs the white pollution at the source of production. Methylamine is also very easy to reduce to trimethylamine, which aggravates the fishy smell of the fish, Therefore, for various reasons, it must not meet the national requirements and when the geological Supervision Bureau tests, it is necessary to select fresh raw materials for timely processing Slaughter after slaughtering the raw materials, remove the scales and gills, cut open the abdomen to remove the internal organs, and wash and drain with clean water. When removing the gallbladder, be careful to avoid breaking the gallbladder and causing bitter taste to the finished product. Therefore, pickling put the raw materials in% salt water for pickling for an hour and then take them out, which not only helps the fish taste faster and better, but also speeds up the deodorization and maturation of the fish Deep fry the silver carp in the salad oil at ℃ for about one minute, remove, drain and cool Choose/composite film high-temperature cooking bags for bagging. Put a silver carp in each bag, and then add sesame oil, monosodium glutamate, scallion knot, shredded ginger, white vinegar, lard and white pepper. Note that the sealing part must not be contaminated by oil, so as not to affect the sealing quality The vacuum degree of vacuum seal should be megapascal. Check whether there is air leakage After the sterilization cooking bag is sealed, it should be sterilized as soon as possible, and the interval should not exceed half an hour. The sterilization formula is: -/℃, cooling by backpressure MPa. In the sterilization process, it must be cooled by backpressure to maintain the pressure balance in the sterilization process, so that the cooking bag will not be deformed and broken After cooling and sterilization, quickly cool it to below ℃, and take it out carefully. Wipe the moisture out of the bag, count it into the warehouse, and the bag must be stacked smoothly, so as not to lose at last Check whether there are fat bags after insulation at ℃ for a week, and the finished products are qualified after inspection. Breeding shellfish enemy prevention and control of bacterial diseases of conventional cultured fish prevention and control of abalone breeding technology Grasscarp embrittlement breeding technology laver harvest and processing Undaria harvest and processing several practices of breeding in shallow water ponds common cultivated sea cucumber varieties loach disease prevention six elements breeding red tilapia with soybean maximum expanded feed there are four ways to identify high-quality fish species Qingdao Senmiao Baole Qingdao Senmiao Baogan Qingdao Senmiao Kangke flounder special Artificial seedling nutrition enhancer Qingdao Senmiao - Kangke grouper special artificial seedling nutrition enhancer Qingdao Senmiao - Kangke turbot special artificial seedling nutrition enhancer Qingdao Senmiao - Kangbao seawater fish parent spawning nutrition enhancer Qingdao Senmiao - Kangbao seawater fish parent spawning nutrition enhancer Qingdao Senmiao - haiweisu Qingdao Senmiao - yagmark -

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