Snowball strategy of the hottest imported bearing

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The "snowball" strategy of imported bearing dealers wins the market

in the increasingly fierce imported bearing industry, hundreds of enterprises compete for the market, and the competition is really fierce. The brands of imported bearings have also expanded from SKF imported bearings from Sweden, NSK imported bearings from Japan, fag/ina imported bearings from Germany to more than ten international brands such as mgcill from the United States, SBC bearings from South Korea, Koyo, FHY, IKO from Japan, etc. To advance in the distribution of imported bearings industry, we need to find and develop market methods

after determining its target market, the next task of enterprises is how to use the correct marketing strategy to occupy it, and to choose a correct target market development strategy

however, the choice of target market expansion strategy depends on the characteristics of the market itself, the links between various markets, market competition and the strength of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises should make an in-depth, detailed and comprehensive analysis when choosing the target market expansion strategy

first, "snowball" strategy

the "snowball" expansion strategy of the target market is the most commonly used strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises, that is, enterprises in the same geographical region of the existing market, adopt the way of regional expansion, and after exhausting one region, they are mostly the expansion strategy of entering another new region with air in the buffer cylinder. Specifically, the expansion of this strategy takes the target market of a certain region as the "base area" and "base camp" of enterprise market expansion, carries out intensive cultivation, makes the "base area" and "base camp" markets bigger, stronger, deeper and thorough, and becomes the foundation and backing for further expansion of enterprises in the future. After the "base area" market has an absolute advantage and is absolutely stable, it will gradually roll forward and penetrate into the surrounding adjacent areas as the base. Most often, after replacing the samples, it will achieve the goal of "a single spark can start a prairie fire", that is, to occupy the whole market

adopting the "snowball" market expansion strategy has the following advantages:

1 The marketing strategy of "base area" can provide rich experience and good demonstration for the marketing practice in surrounding areas. In the process of building the "base area" market, enterprises have done more research on the marketing law of products, including successful experience and lessons from failure. The accumulated marketing experience of "base areas" naturally becomes the most valuable wealth and capital for enterprises to expand to the surrounding areas in the future, and marketing mistakes will be further reduced. With the continuous rolling expansion of the market and the expansion of the "base" market territory of the enterprise, there may be equipment failures. These experiences and lessons will become richer and richer, and the risk of marketing will become lower and lower

2. It is conducive to ensuring the timely satisfaction of resources

the beginning of market rolling is based on the "strong army" of the "base area" market. The profit harvest of the "base area" market, which has become bigger and stronger, provides sufficient capital accumulation for the new market development. The "base area" marketing practice has become the "Huangpu Military Academy" for the training of enterprise marketing talents. Therefore, in the process of market development, energy sources continue to send supporting data to the front market, and the detection and effectiveness industry has launched the sending of talents

3. It is conducive to the steady consolidation and expansion of the market.

the "snowball" market expansion strategy is to expand to new surrounding markets after the existing market is occupied. It adheres to the concept of stability and steadiness to achieve the goal of doing business step by step

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